Healthy Hoosiers CSA FAQ

In addition to the FAQs below, we also have a few other separate FAQ articles you might want to check out:

#1 – What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is essentially a partnership between farmers and a local community. The farmers supply the community with season-long fresh, local produce grown using organic methods, and the community in turn supports the farmer by pre-paying for the entire season. Farmers gain some economical security for environmentally-friendly farming. CSA members get a reliable, wholesome food source in many ways incomparably superior to that available in the grocery stores.

The CSA member agrees to share both the bounty and the risks with the farmer. Through this arrangement, you know where your food comes from, and how it was grown. In a sense CSA means “food with a farmer’s face on it”. In a grocery store, you don’t really know much about how or where the produce was grown, treated or handled, but in a CSA you do know, and can even ask questions directly of the ones involved in each step of the process.

#2 – Where does it come from and how is it farmed?

Jacob Fisher & family of Scenic Hills Farm grow the produce on their farm near Rockville, IN. They are from an Amish community and raise all their crops with organic farming methods. This is not “certified” organic in an attempt to keep the cost down, but we’ve been to the farm and can testify that it is truly organic!

In addition to supplying our CSA members with boxes of produce each week, our farmer also produces crops for farm auctions and farmer’s markets in the Rockville area. Supplying the CSA with produce is a top priority for Mr. Fisher. The CSA model does carry with it the concept of “risk and reward” as mentioned above, but we’ve been very lucky to have had great years – even in flood and drought seasons.

#3 – When does it start and how long does it last?

mid May to beginning of November, for 25 consecutive weeks.

#4 – How much does a share cost?

$450 by April 1 and $460 after April 1 for 2014. A late fee of $10 is included after April 1, so be sure to join early! For payment plan price options, click here for the information on the Subscription Form. Payment Plans include a $10 fee, and all checks need to be included with the subscription form. We also have the ability to pay by credit card, but fees do apply for that service. Brazil, IN members also have a small delivery fee as well. Click here to read more about picking up in Brazil.

#5 – Will I know what I’ll be getting each week?

A weekly email newsletter will be sent out to all CSA shareholders letting you know what we expect to be in your box for the week. We also post the list on our Facebook page. Boxes are based on produce available at that point in the season. We have actual pictures of weekly produce from past seasons here on the website. That might help you know what to expect.

#6 – What else will be in the weekly email newsletter?

You can expect the Healthy Hoosiers Email Newsletter on the evening before or morning of delivery with the reminder email to pick up your produce. Newsletter contents will include: a list of items expected in your box this week, farm news, and links to recipes, tips, and ideas here on the site, and also on Pinterest. For those without email, please find a friend who will help you keep abreast of the latest news.  Phone reminders are not a service we can offer at this time.

#7 – What do you get and when?

You can click here for the list of predicted crops for each year. This is what is planned and hoped for, but we must realize that the crops are subject to the weather and other natural factors. Therefore, availability and harvest time can vary a lot.

Also, it is important that you understand that our farm does not have an orchard, which means the fruit availability in our program is limited. We typically get some weeks of strawberries, blackberries, watermelon and cantaloupe, but vegetable produce is the main component of our program. In the future we may try to find new ways of adding additional berries, but berry production is currently limited.

#8 – How much do you get each week?

This depends on availability. When a certain vegetable crop is scarce, you may think that you got too little; when it is plentiful, you may wonder what to do with it all! We usually find that most of the season there is a happy middle zone. The farmer plans to provide enough produce in each share to accommodate 2 adults whose diet is primarily vegetable-based or 4 adults whose diet is mixed. You might want to see some pictures that help illustrate what different weeks in the season can look like:  We have actual pictures of weekly produce from past seasons here on the website. That might help you know how much to expect.

#9 – When and where do I pick it up?

Produce boxes will be delivered on Tuesdays and  Thursdays in the mid-morning to lunch hours. The produce will be delivered to residential homes in Terre Haute & Brazil (exact address/directions will be given to members in May):

  1. North (Collett Park Area) – Tuesdays
  2. Central (near Sarah Scott Middle School) – Tuesdays
  3. Eastside (Woodridge Subdivision) – Thursdays (2 locations)
  4. Southside (near Honey Creek Middle School) – Tuesdays
  5. Brazil (off Highway 59) – Tuesdays or Thursdays (not yet decided) – click here to read about Brazil deliveries

You will have the flexibility to pick up anytime from the time of delivery until 7 pm. However, we HIGHLY recommend you pick up your produce in the first hour of delivery. We cannot be responsible for your produce. It may wilt & get old if you leave it sitting all afternoon. The produce will be FRESHLY harvested that morning or in some instances the evening prior.

#10 – When do I need to decide?

Our group is limited to 90 shares, and we expect to sell out fast. So, don’t wait too long! Also, if you join after April 1, there is a “late” fee, so joining early is advised!

#11 – What if I cannot pick up my produce during these pick hours?

You should arrange for a family member or friend to pick up your produce box. Items cannot be held or saved beyond the 7 pm deadline for pickup. If you do not pick up your items, they are given to a family who can use them.

#12 – Can I get half of a share?

Yes and No. You are more than welcome to find a friend or family member to split a share with. You can either alternate weeks for pick up, or one of you can pick up the weekly box and then you can divide it among yourselves. We cannot coordinate half shares for members, but if people let us know they are interested in splitting a share, then I can try to connect them with others who are also interested in a half share as well.

#13 – What if I wish to cancel my subscription during the season?

A pro-rated partial refund (less $25 for processing) may be available if we have a person on the waiting list who then buys your subscription or you find someone to buy it.

#14 – How can I get more information?

Please contact Charity Mouck (877-3605) or email: HealthyHoosiersCSA@gmail.com